We have a Basic and Corporate subscription plan. Have a look at what each plan can do for you.


From £20

per month

For small businesses, charities and individuals who are looking for a simple way to track attendance.

  • Create class/event QR codes
  • View Attendee report
  • Export Attendee report
  • Supports 1 Organiser account


Custom Pricing

per month

For private, public and non-profit organisations and educational institutions looking to track attendance across their people.

  • Create class/event QR codes
  • View Attendee report
  • Export Attendee report
  • Extra Class fields
  • Extra Attendee fields
  • Advanced Organiser functionality
  • Timetable upload from Excel file
  • Bookings upload from Excel file
  • Did Not Attend (DNA) report
  • Competence functionality
  • Notes functionality
  • URL links such as feedback surveys
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Digital Passport
  • Supports multiple Organiser accounts
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Basic version cost calculator

Pricing tiers are based on the number of Attendee scans per month.

Number of Attendee scans per month*
Price per month
Up to 1,000 scans
Up to 5,000 scans
Up to 10,000 scans
Up to 20,000 scans
20,001 + scans

* Each time an Attendee scans a class/event QR code, this counts as 1 Attendee scan. For example – if you have 1 ‘student’ who attends 10 classes over a period of a month, that would be 10 Attendee scans.


Prices are quoted in British Pounds. Organisers outside of the UK must pay any foreign exchange costs and applicable taxes. Organisers in the UK will be charged Value Added Tax (VAT) @ 20% on their invoice.

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